ESSE products have been tried, tested and trusted across the world for more than a century and a half.

ESSE is a proud manufacturer of cooking and heating appliances which are sold worldwide. Since ESSE began in 1854, the world has seen a lot of change, but the human need for warmth, food and comfort remains the same.


Electric Fires


‘The Worlds Most Beautiful Fireplaces’

Chesney’s is established as the UK’s leading supplier of luxury fireplaces and stoves. Their company’s success has been based on a passionate commitment to good design, intelligent engineering, craftsmanship, innovation and outstanding service. With a prominent background in antique fireplaces, Chesney’s are widely known by conservation bodies as providing reproduction fireplaces of the highest authenticity.


Wood Burning Stoves


DRU is Europe’s leading manufacturer of contemporary gas fires, free standing electric fires, stoves and gas convector heaters. The company is very successful in the domestic gas fire sector, and now has the world’s largest range of room-sealed commercial gas heating products. It has pioneered visionary design and technology to challenge the perceptions of what is possible with a gas fire. DRU prides itself on its successful history and technical innovation. Its modern gas fires, balanced flue and powered flue heaters work at up to 85% efficiency.


Free Standing Electric Fires


Spartherm is one of Europe’s largest producers of fireplace inserts, stoves and cassettes. The company’s success is due to the highly technical quality of its appliances, combined with contemporary design and new innovation in the field of combustion technology. They produce a large selection of water heating stoves.


Multi Fuel Stoves

Dik Geurts

Creativity, functionality and craftmanship are the fundamental principles behind the Dik Geurts brand. They reflect the huge range of possibilities that can be achieved in steel multi fuel stoves, from the classic to the ultra-contemporary. With their impressive looks and practical features, they can be installed in almost any style and size of home.